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Gloucestershire - M48 Severn Bridge

One lane closed due to roadworks on M48 Severn Bridge Westbound between J1 A403 (Aust) and J2 A466 Wye Valley Link Road (Chepstow).

22/06/2022 09:07:28

Taunton - A38 Bridgwater Road

A38 Bridgwater Road both ways closed due to bridge maintenance work between A358 and Aldi.

11/08/2021 07:49:14

Haselbury Plucknett - A30

Temporary traffic lights due to roadworks on A30 around A3066 North Street.

09/04/2022 09:17:00

Sherborne - A30 Kitt Hill

Temporary traffic lights due to roadworks on A30 Kitt Hill between Acreman Street and Cornhill.

08/03/2022 16:27:32

Monkton Combe - A36 Warminster Road

Temporary traffic lights due to roadworks on A36 Warminster Road near Water House Lane.

15/04/2022 18:41:53

South Molton - A361

Narrow lanes due to long-term roadworks on A361 both ways between A399 (Aller Cross, South Molton) and A39 Eastern Avenue (Portmoor Roundabout, Barnstaple).

30/06/2021 07:46:13

West Camel - Howell Hill

Howell Hill both ways closed due to long-term roadworks between Fore Street and A303 (Canegore Corner).

17/05/2022 11:06:51

Bridgwater - Mount Street

Temporary traffic lights due to roadworks on Mount Street at Northgate.

28/04/2022 12:39:25

Langport - The Hill

The Hill both ways closed due to roadworks from A378 North Street to Tanyard Lane.

29/04/2022 09:41:27

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Toneway Creech Castle

Where? Toneway, Taunton
What’s happening? Upgrade of the busy Toneway Creech Castle junction
When? Starts April 2020
Why? Major scheme to increase capacity and improve traffic flow. Click button for details

Junction 25 Taunton

Where? Junction 25 at Taunton
What’s happening? Multi-million pound upgrade of motorway junction
When? Starts in March 2019
Why? Scheme to increase capacity of roundabout and improve transport links. Click button for details

Traffic Signals Refurbishment

Where? Key junctions in Somerset
 What’s happening? New traffic signals
When? Work started March 2021
Why? Existing signals need to be replaced; better traffic flow and improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.