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Bristol - M4

One lane closed and very slow traffic due to earlier lorry fire on M4 Westbound before J22 M49, congestion to J21 M48.

21/03/2018 15:51:06

Trowbridge - A361 Frome Road

A361 Frome Road both ways closed, very slow traffic due to accident between Manor Road and Silver Street Lane, congestion on A363 Bradley Road to Wiltshire Drive.

21/03/2018 13:35:36

Rooks Bridge - A38

Slow traffic on A38 at Biddisham Lane. In the roadworks area.

21/03/2018 15:40:50

Coxley - A39 Main Road

Reports of slow traffic due to accident on A39 Main Road near Harter's Hill Lane.

21/03/2018 16:12:26

Crewkerne - A30 Market Street

Queueing traffic on A30 Market Street between B3165 Market Street and Market Square.

21/03/2018 08:31:54

Crewkerne - A356 South Street

Heavy traffic on A356 South Street into town between Kithill and A30 Market Street.

21/03/2018 10:44:16

Chard - A358 Furnham Road

Heavy traffic on A358 Furnham Road between Furnham Crescent and A30 East Street.

21/03/2018 07:25:32

Frome - A362 Christchurch Street East

Usual slow traffic on A362 Christchurch Street East around B3090 Gorehedge.

21/03/2018 14:16:25

Bridgwater - Broadway

Usual slow traffic on Broadway in the centre of Bridgwater.

21/03/2018 06:38:25

Taunton - East Reach

Slow traffic on East Reach in the Town Centre.

21/03/2018 08:03:51

Bridgwater - St John Street

Very slow traffic on St John Street near The Crown Inn.

21/03/2018 07:59:57

Monkton Heathfield - A3259

Usual congestion on A3259 around Monkton Heathfield.

21/03/2018 15:59:32

Shepton Mallet - A371 Cannards Grave Road

Usual congestion on A371 Cannards Grave Road between A361 (Shepton Mallet) and A37 (Cannards Grave). Travel time is four minutes.

21/03/2018 14:33:24

Bridgwater - A38 Taunton Road

Usual congestion on A38 Taunton Road into town before Broadway. Travel time is four minutes.

21/03/2018 06:44:39

Wellington - B3187 Taunton Road

Taunton Road busy but moving between Nynehead Road and A38 West Buckland Road / Summerfield Way (Chelston Roundabout).

21/03/2018 15:47:33

Bridgwater - Bristol Road

Usual congestion on Bristol Road near The Cross Rifles.

21/03/2018 07:00:01

Yeovil - Lysander Road

Lysander Road busy but moving between the Lysander Road Roundabout and the Horsey Roundabout. Travel time is four minutes.

21/03/2018 07:42:09

Taunton - Station Road

Usual congestion on Station Road near Taunton Train Station.

21/03/2018 08:23:56

Gloucestershire - M4

One lane closed due to barrier repairs on M4 Westbound between J18 A46 (Bath / Tormarton) and J19 M32 (Bristol).

08/03/2018 17:39:09

Bruton - A359

A359 both ways closed due to roadworks between Pitcombe Rock and Mill Lane.

23/02/2018 19:42:34

Sherborne - A30 Cold Harbour

Water main work and temporary traffic lights on A30 Cold Harbour near Granville Way / Castle Road.

20/03/2018 19:55:12

Yeovil - A30 Hendford Hill

Temporary traffic lights and water main work on A30 Hendford Hill near Southwoods.

15/03/2018 19:43:29

Sherborne - A30 Yeovil Road

Long-term roadworks and temporary traffic lights on A30 Yeovil Road at A352 Horsecastles Lane / Trent Path Lane.

17/10/2017 11:25:07

Nether Cerne - A352

Roadworks and temporary traffic lights on A352 near Duck Street.

20/03/2018 19:12:35

Longburton - A352 Street Lane

Roadworks and temporary traffic lights on A352 Street Lane at Bradford Lane.

13/03/2018 19:29:22

Misterton - A356 Station Road

Stop/Go boards and roadworks on A356 Station Road between Cathole Bridge Road (Misterton) and Kithill (Crewkerne).

15/03/2018 19:40:59

Williton - A358 Tower Hill

Temporary traffic lights and water main work on A358 Tower Hill at Sampford Rocks.

14/03/2018 19:43:30

Bruton - A359 Frome Road

Roadworks and temporary traffic lights on A359 Frome Road near Eastfield.

26/02/2018 19:12:30

Bruton - A359 Frome Road

Temporary traffic lights and long-term roadworks on A359 Frome Road near Eastfield.

29/01/2018 19:29:26

Batheaston - A36 Warminster Road

Roadworks on A36 Warminster Road around Bathampton Lane.

02/01/2018 17:51:30

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Key roadworks

Yeovil Western Corridor

Where? West side of Yeovil
What’s happening? Upgrade of several key roundabouts and junctions
When? Starts October for approx 18 months
Why? Multi-million pound road improvement scheme split into several phases. Click button for details

A39 Bath Road

Where? A39 Bath Road, Bridgwater
What’s happening? Temporary traffic lights at times and closure of Frederick Road junction
When? Starts on 6 November
Why? EDF Energy works to support new accommodation campus. Click button for details

A359 Strutters Hill

Where? A359 Strutters Hill near Pitcombe
 What’s happening? Road closure
When? Starts 26 February
Why? Major repairs along embankments to reduce risk of landslips. Click button for details

Wellington gas works

Where? B3187 High Street, Wellington
What’s happening? Temporary traffic lights
When? Starts on 2 January for 13 weeks
Why? Wales & West Utilities replacing old cast iron gas main. Click button for details