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There's been an accident on #A38 Broadway Westbound near Taunton Road. Try to avoid if possible.
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Junction 25

Junction 25

***Latest News***

Overnight closures of Toneway and Junction 25 gyratory will be in place from the 7 September for approx. three weeks to finalise resurfacing works.



Toneway Creech Castle Junction phase 1 early works to begin on 7 September 

Advance works to improve cycling and walking facilities near the busy Creech Castle junction in Taunton are due to start early next month.


What work will be undertaken?

The main Toneway Creech Castle Junction scheme was initially planned to start in April 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was then agreed to delay the scheme until summer 2021 to support the local economy as it recovers post lockdown. This remains the case, but we are bringing forward some of the advanced works to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities on the north and south route along the A38 Bridgwater Road.  We will also be delivering improvements to Hyde Lane which has long been subject to flooding and subsidence.  Additional drainage will be installed and a new improved carriageway surface to address these issues. Hyde Lane will be closed from 7th September 2020 for 4 weeks from the turn at Hyde Lane Cottages for approximately 200m.


Why is this work being undertaken at the same time as the closures of Tone Way and J25?

We are taking this opportunity to progress these early works to reduce the risk to the main Toneway Creech Castle Junction works next year.  The pedestrian and cycling improvements very much tie in with the current cycling and walking culture and Government’s agenda to encourage people to walk and cycle rather than using motorized transport.


What will the work include?

Cycle and pedestrian improvements will begin on the 7th September until Christmas 2020, the works will consist of:


  • Widening of the footway along the A38 north of the junction for a length of approximately 500m.
  • Provision of off road and on road cycleways, including the provision of a new Toucan Crossing
  • Provision of associated lighting and way-finding signs
  • Carriageway Surfacing


Hyde Lane Improvements will also begin on the 7th September for 4 weeks, this work will include:


  • Resurfacing and drainage works.
  • Closure from the turn at Hyde Lane Cottages for approximately 200m. Diversion signage will be in place.


How will the traffic be managed?

Hyde Lane improvements will be undertaken under road closure – see above, diversions will be in place.

The cycle and pedestrian improvement works will be carried out under temporary traffic lights; these will maintain the flow of traffic on the A38/Bridgwater Road North and will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There will be a traffic management maintenance crew regularly checking that the traffic lights and all the traffic management is setup and working correctly.

The existing pedestrian crossing point will be maintained and controlled via temporary pedestrian traffic lights. Access to both residential and commercial properties will be maintained.

The works will be progressed within sections, with the first completed section reopened and the next section constructed. Fig 1 (page 2) will be the first phase and Fig 2 the second. The main carriageway surfacing will be carried out under a series of night-time road closures, when this work takes place advance notification will be provided and a diversion route in place. Further details of the night-time road closures will be made available shortly.


Fig 1


Fig 2



Why didn’t you begin this work in advance of schools going back? 

This work was originally part of the main Creech Castle improvements work, which was postponed in order to support business recovery during Covid-19. There was significant work required to convert this into an advanced works package to include the A38 cycle/pedestrian route only.  We took the decision that it was better for this to be designed, procured and implemented properly, rather than rush to undertake the work before it was ready.

The Junction 25 project reached a key milestone at the end of February with the lifting of the beams for a new bridge. Check out the video below to see more from the day.


Somerset County Council is upgrading the busy M5 Junction 25 roundabout at Taunton to improve traffic flow, ease peak hour congestion and unlock land for employment. This page explains more about the scheme and what the work will involve.


Junction 25 at Taunton currently experiences congestion in both peak hours, with queues frequently extending along the A358 in both directions and occasionally backing up onto the M5.

The Junction 25 upgrade has been developed over a number of years and involves full signalisation and enlarging of the roundabout, widening of the eastern exit, a new roundabout to access the proposed Nexus 25 employment site, and safer pedestrian and cycling facilities.

You can read more about the background and see the plans in “Why are we doing this work”


Junction 25 is the main access point to Taunton and also provides a critical link to the M5 and the second strategic route into the South West – the A303 via the A358.

It is heavily used at peak times and carries around 5,000 vehicles during weekday peak hours, with this forecast to increase to 6,500-7,000 at peak times by 2028.

There is a significant level of growth planned across Taunton and in addition Taunton Deane Borough Council has plans for the Nexus 25 strategic employment site close to Junction 25.

Somerset County Council has been working with partners over a number of years to develop a scheme which will increase the capacity of this vital link.

The aims of the scheme are to:

• benefit the economy in Taunton by supporting the delivery of employment and residential development;

• better manage peak hour congestion at Junction 25 and improve access to Taunton and the motorway;

• improve accessibility to Taunton and future development areas for pedestrians and cyclists.


The scheme is expected to cost around £19.2m with allocated funding of £12.186m from the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Deal Fund, £1.5m from Taunton Deane Borough Council, £4m from Highways England, and £1.532m from developer contributions.

The business case for the scheme shows it represents very high value for money with every £1 spent generating £10.40 of savings in journey times for road users, reduced accidents and easier access by bike and on foot.

The work is being carried out by Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd. Alun Griffiths is a leading regional civil engineering and construction contractor with a track record stretching back almost 50 years. They construct new roads, bridges and railways as well as maintaining existing assets for both public and private clients.

Griffiths are not new to working in Somerset and are currently delivering the Western Corridor improvement scheme in Yeovil. Other recent projects in the South West include the Portmore Roundabout, Barnstaple, Westaway Junction, Barnstaple, the new junction on the A361 at Tiverton, and a major infrastructure project in North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire for Metrobus.

Extensive public consultation took place in 2016. You can see the results of this in the consultation report on the Somerset County Council website.

Two community drop-in events were held pre-construction in March with more than 230 people attending to view the plans and meet with the delivery team.

As the scheme progresses there will be regular contact with the community, including further public drop-in events if required and regular newsletters for residents and businesses. We will also use the @TravelSomerset Twitter account to update people on project news and wider traffic issues.

Jim Aitken is the contractor’s dedicated Public Liaison Officer (PLO) for this project who will maintain and develop a community website and mailing list. To receive the latest newsletters by email please sign up for J25 scheme updates.

A Project Information Centre (PIC) has now been set up where Griffiths will be on hand to answer any questions and provide up to date information about progress. This will be held every Tuesday at the Gateway Park & Ride in Taunton, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

Construction is now underway and the scheme is due for completion in Summer 2021.

Our contractor Alun Griffiths are working dynamically to make the most of opportunities and resources to carry out the works as quickly and with as little disruption as possible to traffic, residents and businesses.

This does mean plans may sometimes change at short notice but Alun Griffiths will do their best to provide advance notice of works which may impact on your journey through this webpage, the regular newsletters and the @TravelSomerset Twitter account. To receive the latest newsletters by email please sign up for J25 scheme updates.


What’s going on?

Alun Griffiths are beginning works to widen the A358 Toneway from the Heron Gate roundabout to the Junction 25 roundabout. This initially includes removing the central reservation and replacing the old concrete carriageway – important work to eventually increase the capacity of the Toneway.

In order to keep both the public and the workforce safe it will be necessary to temporarily reduce the speed limit to 30mph and also reduce the number of live lanes on the Toneway. Two lanes will be maintained during the day heading inbound towards Taunton from Junction 25 but only one lane will be available for traffic heading outbound from Taunton towards Junction 25 (see plan below). This is due to deep excavations in the highway and the need for working space during the construction works.

How will this affect my journey?

During the Toneway works there will be narrow lanes in place for traffic headed from Junction 25 into Taunton and only one lane in place for traffic heading out of Taunton towards Junction 25 (see above plan). This will reduce the overall capacity of the network and increase journey times, particularly at busy times. The actual impact on journey times will vary, but drivers are advised to plan ahead, allow extra time and consider using different routes, different times or different modes of transport if they can.

Why aren’t you working at night or 24/7?

So far the majority of the Junction 25 scheme has taken place at night and Alun Griffiths are committed to working at off-peak times wherever possible to minimise disruption. However, this phase of work consists of significant construction activities to the road network that cannot be removed during the day, the restrictions are in place to keep people safe and would be needed 24/7 regardless of when teams are working. We have considered 24/7 working but need to balance the additional cost against any time saved so we have prioritised the higher impact phases such as works on the Junction 25 roundabout for night working.

What other options were considered?

We looked at all options to deliver this work and consider this method to be the least disruptive. Unfortunately, the width of the road needs to be restricted while work is underway so any option will involve some impact on the network. We have ruled out road closures and the use of traffic lights which would have a greater impact on both the local network and also on the motorway. We considered closing two lanes (one in each direction) on the Toneway, which would be beneficial by reducing the overall time of the works. But this would increase the risk of queuing back onto the M5 which clearly would not be acceptable. Therefore we have opted to close one lane for outbound traffic. We appreciate this will still have a temporary impact on journey times and advise people to plan ahead.

How long will this work take?

The works on the Toneway are being split into a number of phases over the coming months with traffic diverted around the live construction area in a number of different ways depending on which piece of work is taking place. However, we expect the current arrangement with two lanes inbound to Taunton and one lane outbound from Taunton to remain in place until summer 2020 when works will switch elsewhere. Sign up for newsletters to stay up to date with progress and any changes.

What will you do about rat-running?
We recognise that rat-running may increase while these works are underway but there is no simple solution to this. We could close certain roads or introduce restrictions, but clearly there are consequences to doing so and may simply shift the problem elsewhere. Along with our contractor Alun Griffiths we will work closely with local communities to identify issues and consider what steps may be appropriate.

How will this affect cyclists and pedestrians?

While the narrow lanes are in place the road will not be suitable for cyclists, so a signed diversion route will be in place using the Ilminster Road bus gate. There is no pavement alongside the Toneway so there should be no impact on pedestrians.

Where can I find more information?

Our Project Information Centre within the Gateway Park & Ride site will be open every Tuesday between 1.30pm and 3.30pm, except during Christmas and Easter holidays. Please pop in if you have any questions about the scheme.

Or get in touch via the contact details on this webpage.

Q. What is wrong with the current junction?
A. Anyone who regularly uses Junction 25, especially during the morning and evening rush hours, will acknowledge that improvements are required. There are frequently problems with queuing on many approaches and the town is growing so the situation is only going to get worse without action. One of the key problems is that some arms of the existing roundabout are not controlled by traffic lights. This means capacity is limited as vehicles struggle to enter the roundabout, particularly at peak times. The other key problem is the very narrow bridge over the Blackbrook stream carrying the A358 eastbound which is only wide enough for three lanes of traffic. This restricts possible options to improve the junction.

Q. Why have you chosen this design?
A. The main objectives of the scheme are to:

• benefit the economy in Taunton by supporting the delivery of employment and residential development;

• better manage peak hour congestion at Junction 25 and improve access to Taunton and the motorway;

• improve accessibility to Taunton and future development areas for pedestrians and cyclists.

A number of options were considered at the design phase to find a scheme which met these objectives. The chosen design is considered the best option when taking into account the available budget and several geographical constraints which include nearby buildings, the M5 motorway and the Blackbrook stream.

The existing roundabout will be widened and elongated as much as possible to increase capacity. The addition of traffic signals to also improve the overall traffic flow by balancing queues. One of the main constraints is the narrow bridge over the Blackbrook stream. Any works to widen this bridge would require a temporary road closure which in itself would cause considerable, and in our view unacceptable, levels of disruption. The chosen design removes this constraint by providing a new link and bridge over the stream. This also allows a new roundabout to be built to provide access to the proposed Nexus 25 employment site. We have also made the junction safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

To see this image in more detail please download the pdf.

Q. How will disruption be managed while work is underway?
A. Junction 25 is already heavily congested, especially at peak times, and clearly adding roadworks to this mix will not improve the situation in the short-term. The new road links and roundabout will be built ‘off-line’ with very little disruption on traffic. When working ‘online’ on the roundabout and approach roads, Alun Griffiths is committed to keeping any additional disruption to a minimum and will choose lower impact working methods wherever possible. For example, using narrow lanes or lane closures rather than temporary traffic lights, or working at night and avoiding busy times. We will aim to provide advance notice of the latest phases and traffic management and will use social media to flag up live traffic issues. We strongly advise drivers to plan ahead while work is underway, avoid peak times if possible, and consider using alternative routes or alternative modes of transport if appropriate. We appreciate roadworks can be disruptive but in the long-term these works are essential to prevent delays at this already congested junction getting much worse.

Q. What will you do about rat-running?
A. Rat-running, where traffic uses inappropriate local routes to avoid a particular area, is already a problem in areas around Junction 25 and this is projected to get worse as the amount of traffic increases. We recognise that rat-running may increase while works are underway but there is no simple solution to this. We could close certain roads or introduce restrictions, but clearly there are consequences to doing so. Along with our contractor Alun Griffiths we will work closely with local communities to identify issues and consider what steps may be appropriate.

Q. How does this tie in with the A358 dualling plans?
A. You may have seen the recent preferred A358  route announcement from Highways England and wondered how this ties in with the current works at Junction 25. The upgrade of Junction 25 is designed as a ‘standalone’ scheme which offers benefits to both congestion and the local economy while the wider A358 improvement scheme is developed. Work currently underway will be an essential building block for later improvements. Somerset County Council will be working closely with Highways England as the scheme is developed. Please see the Highways England A358 webpage for more information.

Q. What’s the point in upgrading Junction 25 when there are queues further down the Toneway?
A. We are committed to making other highways improvements in Taunton to enable all the planned growth. Junction 25 is one of a number of highway improvements that are set out within the transport strategy for Taunton. Our technical assessment demonstrates that this scheme in isolation improves journey times into Taunton. We are actively pursuing all options to secure funding for future schemes along the Toneway Corridor and a scheme to improve the Creech Castle junction is already well developed and due to start in 2020.

Q. Will planned improvements at the Creech Castle junction clash with the Junction 25 scheme?
A. The Junction 25 scheme has been planned to run alongside future planned improvements at the Creech Castle junction on Toneway. This scheme is currently being developed but works are expected to begin in 2020, before the Junction 25 scheme is completed. We will ensure the two schemes do not clash and in fact co-ordinating them to overlap in this way should reduce the overall impact on motorists by reducing the overall timescales compared to running them consecutively.

Q. What’s happening with the Nexus 25 employment site?
A. Taunton Deane Borough Council has identified land near Junction 25 for a 25ha strategic employment site known as Nexus 25. Henry Boot Developments is bringing forward this scheme with the road improvements providing a vital new access road to the site. It is anticipated that work on the site will commence in early summer 2019.

Q. Is the scheme future proofed?
A. The scheme is future proofed to the best of our ability. It has been designed with the knowledge of the current planned growth to 2033, this is the best information that is available. The traffic modelling still shows some congestion in the future, however it is significantly less than if the scheme were not delivered.

Q. Will you open the Ilminster Road bus gate while works are underway?
A. No. The Ilminster Road bus gate is designed to provide a priority route for buses, cyclists and emergency vehicles. Opening the bus gate for normal traffic, even as part of a one-way system, would discourage people from using the park & ride or cycling which in turn would lead to more congestion. Furthermore the roads in the vicinity of the bus gate are not designed to accommodate heavy traffic and opening it to general use would encourage a huge amount of traffic and congestion in residential areas where it would be unsuitable; where children are walking and cycling to school for example.

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