Chilkwell Street

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Chilkwell Street

Essential resurfacing of the A361 Chilkwell Street, Coursing Batch and Bere Lane in Glastonbury

Recent years have shown a steady decline in the condition of the road surface through Chilkwell Street, Coursing Batch and Bere Lane. The location has been subject to an increasing number of minor repairs during this time, clearly this is unsustainable and larger scale repairs are now required.

A number of exploratory excavations have been carried out to determine the existing road construction details to enable the design of the proposed works. This has revealed that more complex repairs will be required on certain areas of Chilkwell Street and Coursing Batch, which will require removal of greater depths of the existing road to enable reconstruction of selected areas of the road substructure.

Proposed Works

The proposed maintenance works will include the removal and replacement of the existing road surface over the entire area shown on the below plan. Some sections within the scheme area will require further excavation.

Following consideration of all the options at the design stage we have concluded that works will take place during the half term school holidays (Monday 18 February to Friday 24 February 2019) when traffic volumes are lighter.

It will be necessary to fully close the road both day and night during this period to enable the reconstruction works to be carried out in a safe manner. The remainder of the works will be carried out under an evening closure from 6.30pm to 11.30pm to minimise disruption during the day to schools, businesses and residents. An alternative route for the closure will be signed. We will of course maintain access to households and businesses within Bere Lane, Chilkwell Street, and Coursing Batch where possible and will work closely with those affected by the works. Deliveries and access will be accommodated by liaison with on-site operational staff. Every effort will be made to keep the duration of the works to a minimum and pedestrian access will be maintained.

Further information

Road closures are always the last resort and are only used when no alternative forms of traffic management are available. Due to the scale of the works required it would not be possible to safely accommodate vehicular traffic or provide safety zones for the workforce and pedestrians during the works. We must comply with the national codes of practice for road works and would be breaking the law if we ignored this.

During the first phase of the works it will not be possible to clear the roadworks away at the end of each day due to the scale of the excavation works required. During the second phase of the works it is intended to carry out works in the evenings and reopen the road during the day to minimise the disruption to the travelling public, schools, businesses, etc.

There is never a perfect time to carry out major works like this, but we have tried to avoid key dates, local events and to minimise disruption to schools by doing the majority of the work in half-term. We accept that it will still have a considerable impact which is why we are publicising the work as early as possible.

The evening works will be scheduled in such a way as to minimise any noise from the works, with the louder works being carried out during the early evening and the quieter operations towards the end of the shift. Every effort will be made to reduce noise to a minimum.

There are various public utility companies which have apparatus under the highway in the area of the proposed works. A significant amount of work needs to be done in advance to locate and cater for the utility equipment.


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