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Gloucestershire - M48 Severn Bridge

One lane closed due to strong winds on M48 Severn Bridge both ways between J1 A403 / B4461 (Aust) and J2 A466 (Chepstow). Matrix sign set to 40 mph.

22/11/2017 12:02:16

Norton Sub Hamdon - A356

A356 both ways blocked, slow traffic due to tractor fire between Great Street and West Street.

22/11/2017 14:22:47

Blandford Forum - A350

Slow traffic on A350 Eastbound at B3082 Milldown Road. In the roadworks area.

22/11/2017 13:31:04

Clutton - A37 Upper Bristol Road

Slow traffic on A37 Upper Bristol Road both ways between Station Road (Clutton) and Cameley Road (Temple Cloud). In the roadworks area.

22/11/2017 12:20:11

Green Ore - A39

Slow traffic on A39 both ways around B3135. In the roadworks area.

22/11/2017 14:03:15

Bridgwater - A39 Bath Road

Slow traffic on A39 Bath Road near Frederick Road. In the roadworks area.

22/11/2017 12:23:10

Woolverton - A36

Traffic returned to normal on A36 between Woolverton and the Brown Shutters Junction near Farleigh Hungerford.

22/11/2017 14:29:08

Bridgwater - A38 Taunton Road

Usual slow traffic on A38 Taunton Road into town before Broadway. Travel time is five minutes.

22/11/2017 06:11:34

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