Reducing travel

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Reducing travel

Reducing travel

Thinking carefully about the way you travel is important, but it might be that you don’t need to make that journey at all.


If you are an employee, you might be able to change the way you live, work and travel by working ‘smarter’. Flexible working (changing the times of day that you work) and home working (changing the location you work in) can have major benefits in terms of travel. Ask your employer what they can do to support flexible and home working.


Shopping locally and buying locally sourced products is a good way to cut down your travel. It also supports local producers and is often far better quality than imported and mass-produced food and items. 

Think about the small change you could make so that you are less reliant on the car for shopping. Perhaps simply getting a rucksack or some bicycle panniers would mean you could easily carry the food you need for a couple of days on foot or by bike.

Find out if the shops you use have online stores or delivery services. Even if you just browse before you go, you can still avoid a wasted journey if they don’t stock what you want.

Many producers sell their products at farmers markets across the county, nearly all the larger towns have one at least once a month.

You can find out where you can shop locally and what day your local farmers market is held by using the websites below.

Everyday travel choices

There are opportunities in every aspect of your life where you can make smarter travel choices. You could even find you become healthier and save money by doing so.

It might be a change in lifestyle which allows you to break a travel habit you’ve had for years and try something new. It might be a new way to get around which allows you to relax whilst seeing the sights on a day trip. Or it could be choosing not to take a foreign holiday, but discovering places closer to home instead.

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