A358 Sampford Brett

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A358 Sampford Brett

A358 Sampford Brett

A section of the main A358 near Sampford Brett was damaged during a prolonged period of wet and cold weather back in March 2018. At the time temporary lights were put in place for emergency repair work and so investigations into the cause of  the problem could take place.

This showed substantial damage to the drainage system running under the road. Extensive repairs are required and these are now planned to take place in March 2019 under a road closure.

Proposed works

The proposed works include full upgrade of the drainage system with larger pipes being installed to increase capacity and new grates to stop debris entering the system. The road will also be strengthened and fully resurfaced to provide lasting benefits and reduce the need for future works.

All possible options for carrying out this work have been assessed but unfortunately the work cannot take place without a full road closure. This is expected to take two weeks starting on Monday 18 March 2019.

Further information

The below plan shows the location of the works.

Road closures are always the last resort and are only used when no alternative forms of traffic management are available. The road at this location is narrow with no verges and there are two drain lines running parallel to each other. Therefore, due to the need for deep excavations in the road, it will not be possible to safely accommodate vehicles and provide safety zones for the workforce. We must comply with the national codes of practice for road works or we would be breaking the law if we ignored this. Closing the road allows us to dig up both sides of the road simultaneously, reducing the overall duration of the works.

There is never a perfect time to carry out major works like this, but we have tried to avoid key dates, local events and the busy West Somerset tourism season. We accept that it will still have a considerable impact which is why we are publicising the work as early as possible.

Due to the deep excavations in the road it will not be possible to clear the roadworks away each day as the trenches would need to be refilled to allow the road to be reopened.

A diversion route suitable for all vehicles will be signposted on site and is shown in the map below or you can search for it on our roadworks page.

Somerset County Council must advertise a diversion route using the same class of road as that which is being closed. As with any road closure, drivers can use their own local knowledge and judgement to find their own alternatives.

School transport will continue to be provided throughout term time during the closure, with details provided to those affected. Somerset County Council will continue to manage this and will update individuals as required if timings change during the road closure period.

We are liaising with bus operators and details of services during the closure will be provided in due course.

Somerset County Council will be contacting each of the emergency services with full details of the closures to ensure all parties are aware and can plan accordingly.

Next steps

There is still a great deal to organise and some aspects of the works are still uncertain. Further communications will be issued as the extent of the scheme becomes clearer. However, we wanted to alert you as early as possible to the impending works. We recognise this will inevitably have a big impact on the community and will do our best to manage and mitigate any issues.

During the interim period, we will continue to inspect the road at Sampford Brett and carry out any repairs necessary. In the meantime, if you have any questions, queries or observations on the works, please email countyroads-westsom@somerset.gov.uk.