Surface Dressing

A colder night ahead. The gritters are just about to go out in the Mendip and Eastern areas of the County only wher…
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Surface Dressing

Surface dressing is a cost-effective way of restoring the road surface and sealing it in one process. Surface dressing also:

– improves skidding resistance which makes the roads safer
– helps to make a road waterproof
– protects the road against frost and water damage which causes potholes

Surface dressing involves treating roads which are in relatively good condition.

First we spray the road with bitumen binder, followed by a layer of stone chippings. The dressing is then rolled, which, together with the actions of slow moving traffic, embeds the stone chips into the surface. Each site is then swept to collect the surplus chippings.

The 2018 programme

The surface dressing season usually runs between April and September. In Somerset, the 2018 programme starts on 11 June and is set to continue for approximately 14 weeks (weather permitting). However, due to the weather dependent nature of these works, works may continue beyond this time in order to complete the annual programme.

Which roads are being surface dressed this year?

All the roads due to be surface dressed this year can be seen on the following surface dressing maps.

Mendip Surface Dressing Map 2018

Sedgemoor Surface Dressing Map 2018

South Somerset Surface Dressing Map 2018

Taunton Deane Surface Dressing Map 2018

West Somerset Surface Dressing Map 2018

You can also find a list of locations by district below.

HSPR Ref Parish Road Name
SD006329 Rodney Stoke A371 Wells Road
SD006855 Westbury Sub Mendip / Rodney Stoke A371 Wells Road
SD006856 St Cuthbert Out Old Frome Road
SD006857 St Cuthbert out Broomclose Road
SD006858 Croscombe Thrupe Lane
SD006859 St Cuthbert Out A371 Long Street
SD006860 St Cuthbert Out B3139 Bishops Park Way to Tor Street
SD006861 St Cuthbert Out Old Bristol Road
SD006862 Binegar A37 Underhill to Marchants Hill
SD006863 Glastonbury / Butleigh Blagrove Road
SD006864 Street / Butleigh Street Drove-Watchwell Drove
SD006865 Godney Polsham Lane
SD006866 Whatley Bulls Green Link-Stoney Lane to Westdown Farm Lane
SD006867 Frome A361 Frome by pass
SD006868 Selwood Coalash Lane / Cuckoo Lane / Iron Mill Lane
SD006869 Selwood/Mells Elm Lane to Park Hill / Elm Lane to Hapsford Hill / Coal Lane
SD006870 Mells Ammerdown Bridge to Hatchet Hill-Vobster Cross to Hatchet Hill
SD006871 Coleford Charity Lane-Lipyeat Cross to Luckington Cross
SD006872 Kilmersdon Hoares Lane
SD006873 Kilmersdon Silver Street
SD006874 Coleford Lipyeate Lane
SD006875 Stoke St Michael Edford Hill- Frog Lane
SD006876 Stoke St Michael Marsh Lane
SD006877 Leigh on Mendip Whitehole Hill – Pitten Street to Quarry Lane
SD006878 Mells Soho Hill
SD006879 Mells Soho Cottage to Vobster Inn
SD006880 Binegar Binegar Lane/ Station Road / Whitnell Lane
SD006881 St Cuthbert Out Dulcot Hill Lane
SD006882 St Cuthbert Out Northtown Lane / Worminster Lane
SD006883 St Cuthbert Out Churchill Batch Lane
SD006884 Pilton Lower Westholm Road / Chessell Lane
SD006885 North Wootton Stocks Lane
SD006886 North Wootton Barrow Lane
SD006887 Ashwick Simbriss Road to Roemead Road
SD006888 Ashwick Pound Lane
SD006889 Ashwick Gally Batch Lane
SD006890 Ashwick Simbriss Road
SD006891 Ashwick Bays Lane
SD006892 Ashwick Zion Hill
SD006893 Ashwick Blackey Lane
SD006894 Ashwick Benter Lane to Bays Lane
HSPR Ref Parish Road Name
SD006945 Westonzoyland A372 Main Road
SD006946 North Petherton Clavelshay Road
SD006947 Broomfield Stream Farm Lane
SD006948 Broomfield Park End Road
SD006949 Spaxton Lane through Aisholt
SD006950 Spaxton Durborough Farm Lane & Spur
SD006951 Bawdrip A39 Bath Road
SD006952 Bawdrip East Side Lane
SD006953 Puriton A39 Puriton Hill
SD006954 Wembdon Meadow Park
SD006955 Cannington A39 New Road
SD006956 Otterhampton Stockland Bristol Road
SD006957 Otterhampton Steart Drove, Steart
SD006958 Spaxton Currypool Lane
SD006959 Nether Stowey Stogursey Lane
SD006960 Othery Pathe Lane
SD006961 Moorlinch Moor Road
SD006962 Wedmore B3151 Mudgley Road
SD006963 Wedmore B3139 Wells Road
SD006964 Wedmore Snake Lane, Theale
SD006965 Wedmore B3139 Wells Road, Panborough
SD006752 Spaxton / Durleigh Spaxton Road
SD006966 Wedmore Hozzard Lane, Blackford
SD006967 Wedmore B3139 Poolbridge Road, Blackford
SD006968 Weare Sparrow Hill Way
SD006969 Weare Mill Lane / Greenhill Lane
SD006970 Burnham-on-sea Worston Road, Highbridge
SD006971 Brent Knoll Wick Lane
SD006972 Pawlett Sloway Lane / Red Lane
SD006973 Pawlett Chapel Road
SD006974 Pawlett Ham Lane
HSPR Ref Parish Road Name
SD006788 Whitestaunton Southay Lane and Shell’s Lane
SD006179 Long Load B3165 Martock Road
SD006800 Hinton St George Summer Lane
SD006802 Dinnington Mill Lane
SD006774 Kingweston B3153 Lower Street
SD006810 Somerton Park Lane
SD006835 Whitestaunton A30 Crawley Cutting
SD006822 Somerton Somertonfield Road
SD006824 Stoke Trister Beech Lane
SD006827 Castle Cary Victoria Park & Road
SD006828 Brewham Pinkwood Lane
SD006830 Penselwood Pear Ash Lane
SD006905 Tatworth & Forton B3167 Fosse Way
SD006906 Ilminster & Curry Rivel B3168 Ilminster to Curry Rivel Road
SD006904 Somerton B3151 Rocky Hill
SD006902 Wincanton A371 Lawrence Hill
SD006895 Henstridge A30 Shaftesbury Road
SD006901 Yeovil A37 Ilchester Road
SD006899 Queen Camel A359 Sparkford Hill / High Street
SD006896 Misterton & North Perrott A3066 Mosterton Road
SD006900 Bruton & Ansford A359 Bruton Road
SD006907 Bruton Wyke Road
SD006898 Holton & Horsington A357 North Cheriton Road
SD006897 Henstridge A357 Templecombe Road
SD006912 Whitelackington Stocklinch Road & Atherstone Lane
SD006914 East Chinnock Broad Hill
SD006915 West Coker East Street & Halves Lane
SD006919 Curry Rivel Midelney Lane
SD006908 Drayton Croftland Lane & School Street
SD006920 Milborne Port East Street & Wheathill Way
SD006917 Chaffcombe Summer Lane
SD006903 Fivehead A378 Langport Road
SD006913 Barrington & Seavington Main Street to Barrington Main
SD006918 Puckington Bradon Lane
SD006911 Isle Brewers North Bradon Lane
SD006910 Dowlish Wake Oxendale Lane & Main Street
SD006909 Cudworth Cudworth Street
SD006938 Bratton Seymour A371 Bratton Seymour to Cary Hill
SD006939 Combe St Nicholas Wadeford Road
SD006940 Combe St Nicholas Street Ash and Pretty Oak Main
SD006941 Montacute Montacute & Yeovil Road
SD006942 North Cadbury A359 Cary Road
SD006943 Ashill Cross Keys
SD006944 Chard A30 Crewkerne Road
HSPR Ref Parish Road Name
SD006929 Bishops Hull Upcot Road
SD006709 Churchstanton Smeatharpe Road
SD006708 Churchstanton Churchingford Road
SD006930 Otterford Holman Clavel Road
SD006712 Pitminster Forwards Lane  & Greenway Lane
SD006931 Pitminster Churchstaton Road
SD006932 Pitminster Blagdon Hill Road
SD006933 Taunton Broughton Close
SD006934 Taunton Lyngford Place / Square
SD006935 Taunton Holway Road
SD006936 Taunton Somerset Avenue
SD006937 Taunton Upper Holway Road
SD006718 Pitminster Blagdon Hill Road
SD006921 Ashbrittle Ashbrittle Road
SD006922 Bathealton Pockeridge Bottom Road
SD006923 Combe Florey B3224 Raleighs Cross Road
SD006924 Norton Fitzwarren Allerford Road
SD006925 Oake Hill Road (Hele)
SD006926 Wellington Without Middle Green
SD006622 Langford Budville Higher Wellisford Road
SD006624 Milverton B3227 Wiveliscombe Road
SD006625 Nynehead East Nynehead Road
SD006927 Wellington Without A38 Wellington Relief Road
SD006928 West Monkton Boome Lane
SD006598 Staplegrove Dodhill Road
HSPR Ref Parish Road Name
SD006840 Dunster Bonniton Lane
SD006841 Dunster Broadwood Road
SD006842 Dunster Beech Tree to Broadwood
SD006843 Withycombe Rodhuish Hill Lane
SD006844 Withycombe Oak Lane
SD006845 Withycombe Bowden Lane
SD006846 Dulverton Chilcott Lane
SD006667 Exton Week Lane
SD006847 Exton Exton Lane
SD006848 Oare Oare to Oare Post
SD006849 Oare Oare to Malmsmead Bridge
SD006683 Selworthy A39 Minehead Road
SD006684 Selworthy A39 Minehead Road
SD006682 Timberscombe A396 Timberscombe Bypass
SD006681 Timberscombe A396 Timberscombe to Cutcombe Hill
SD006680 Cutcombe A396 Cutcombe Hill
SD006651 Crowcombe Station Road
SD006652 Crowcombe Broad Oak Hill
SD006653 Stogumber Deans Cross to Broad Oak
SD006654 Stogumber Whitemoor Lane
SD006655 Crowcombe The Avenue
SD006850 Crowcombe Broad Oak to Roebuck Gate Lane
SD006851 Crowcombe Roebuck Gate Lane to Leigh Farm
SD006702 Kilve Kilton Road
SD006703 Stringston Kilton Road
SD006705 Stringston Plud Farm Lane
SD006706 Holford Dyche Road
SD006852 Kilve Pardlestone Lane
SD006696 Treborough Treborough to Sminhays Cross
SD006853 Porlock Doverhay
SD006658 Brushford Trackfordmoor Cross to Riphay Cross
SD006659 Brushford Trackfordmoor Cross to Riphay Cross
SD006854 Old Cleeve Lower Bilbrook Lane
SD006664 Withypool & Hawkridge Marshclose Hill
SD006646 Nettlecombe Woodavent Lane
SD006647 Nettlecombe Woodavent Farm Lane
SD006650 Nettlecombe Old Mineral Line
SD006660 Dulverton Andrews Hill

When will work take place?

Surface dressing is very much dependent on the weather and so our rolling programme needs to be highly flexible. This means that in periods of changeable weather the planned start dates can change several times. To keep people up to date, we will aim to add notices to our roadworks page and erect signs on site at least 24 hours before work begins. In periods of good weather we aim to put up advance notice boards up to 7 days in advance if we can.

How long will the work take?

Surface dressing at each site is usually completed within the day, although larger sites may take 1 to 3 days to complete. Sweeping will be completed at given intervals for each site for approximately one week, followed by the replacement of any lining and cat’s eyes.

Will the road need to be closed?

Usually the road is kept open with stop/go boards used to manage traffic. Some sites within the programme will require a temporary road closure, however this will usually be localised where the road is too narrow to safely allow traffic to pass the works operation. Due to the nature of the work there may also be short periods of time when access to properties cannot be maintained. Where there are particular access requirements please speak to the gang on site who will usually be able to accommodate your needs.

Why is the road not being resurfaced?

Resurfacing is a more extensive maintenance treatment which involves removing layers of a worn out road surface and replacing this with new material. Find out more about resurfacing on our structural maintenance page. Resurfacing roads can cause increased traffic congestion and is much more expensive and time consuming. Surface dressing and similar treatments allow for roads to be maintained to a safe standard for longer before requiring resurfacing.

Why are there so many loose stone chips?

We purposely lay more chips than required to ensure that the whole surface is covered and we don’t end up with bare patches. We leave the loose chips for a short period to be embedded by traffic, after which any surplus chips are swept clear. Advisory speed limit signs are left out for a few days until most of the loose chips have been removed. This is to maintain the safety of the highway user, protect the new dressing and to prevent damage to vehicles. Depending on the weather we may carry out additional sweeping or dusting to minimise the effect on traffic.

How is the damage risk to vehicles minimised?

To protect your vehicle it is important to adhere to the site signage and drive accordingly. Warning signs are erected along with 20mph advisory speed limit signs. As long as these are observed there should be no damage to vehicles. If you would like to make a claim, please make a note of all the details and contact us via this page.

Why have the cat’s eyes been removed on a particular section of road?

The cat’s eyes have been removed in preparation for surface dressing works in the future. Once the dressing has taken place, the road surface has settled and the section has been swept, the cat’s eyes will be replaced along with the road markings.

How often is surface dressing required on roads?

This is dependent on several factors. Ideally, a new carriageway will be surface dressed around three times at intervals of between eight and 15 years.

How do you determine which roads are surface dressed each year?

A road is chosen for surface dressing following an extensive prioritisation process. The process uses the allocated budget and ranks the roads in order of priority using several different criteria including mechanical surveys, inspections, works records and network importance.