Bridgwater collaborative works

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Bridgwater collaborative works

Bridgwater collaborative works

A joint scheme to carry out essential works on The Drove, Wylds Road and the A38 Bristol Road is taking place this May. This page explains more about the work and how it will be managed.

What works are taking place?

Improvements to cycle and footway provision between the Wylds Rd/ The Drove junction and the A38 Bristol Road. This work forms part of The Bridgwater Way project which is delivering a host of travel improvements to existing roads and junctions, as well as miles of new and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists across the town and surrounding areas.  The improvements will provide a key safe link to connect the Wylds Road/ The Drove junction to the A38 Bristol Road. This will make cross-town travel easier and specifically benefit young people travelling to and from Bridgwater College.

For more information on The Bridgwater Way please visit

These works, and Bridgwater road works in general, are being programmed strategically to minimises traffic congestion and delays across the town at a time, and in a manner, which keeps the town moving and keeps congestion and disruption to an absolute minimum. The priority is to reduce the amount of time the road works are in place on the highway to minimise the length of impact.

The Drove

The works on the Drove involve widening of the existing footway to provide an off-road cycle route along Wylds Rd/ The Drove junction and Quantock Terrace. Construction will include a new cycle path, footway and associated drainage, signing and lighting work.

A lane closure is required to carry out construction operations and to provide safe working conditions for construction operatives.

Wylds Road

Wales & West Utilities are upgrading over 200m of old metal gas pipes to new plastic ones. This work will not only keep the gas flowing safely and reliably today, it will also help make sure the gas network is fit for the future and can play its part in delivering reliable and affordable green energy. These works would require use of temporary traffic lights to complete. These works are due to complete on 24 May – ahead of original schedule

A38 Bristol Road

These essential maintenance works to upgrade the footway surface on the eastern side of the road will take up to three days. There will also be additional development works taking place by Keepmoat Homes to avoid a future return on the A38 Bristol Road under disruptive traffic signals. This will extend the duration of the one-way system duration and discussions are currently taking place.

When will these works be taking place?

The works will be taking place over three phases, starting on Monday 7 May and running for up to six weeks. Between these dates there will be a one-way system in place on each of the roads, outside of these dates normal two-way traffic flows will be restored.

Please see diagrams and information below for more information on the one-way system.

Phase 1 SCC Cycleway works on The Drove, WWU gas works and BT works on Wylds Road 7 May – 24 May
Phase 1a (due to early finish on Wylds Road) One-way system only on The Drove for SCC Cycleway works 26 May – 27 May
Phase 2 One-way system on The Drove for SCC Cycleway works and one-way system on Bristol Road for SCC footway works and Keepmoat Homes development work  28 May – 14 June
Phase 3 SCC Cycleway works on The Drove only 14 June – 28 June


Why does the road need a one-way system?

The works will require lane closures to ensure they can be undertaken safely whilst maintaining traffic flows and the most appropriate, safest and efficient way of doing this is through installing a one-way system around The Drove, Wylds Road and Bristol Road.

This traffic management will ensure that all businesses in the area remain accessible and can be safely accessed whilst works are taking place.

Which sections of the road are being closed?

Please see above.

What have you done to minimise disruption?

The Drove will remain open for west bound traffic. The cycleway works will be constructed alongside two other projects to minimise the time over which the one way system is needed.

Wales & West Utilities will have a temporary one-way system in place which will stop traffic turning onto Wylds Road from Bristol Road. A diversion route will be clearly signposted.

Will these works affect school and public transport routes. How will this be managed?

There are no public bus stops along The Drove, but the closure will affect several public bus routes operated by First Bus. These include the 14, 623 and 625 routes. The works could also affect SCC community transport. All services will be required to follow the diversion route. Somerset County Council will be contacting Public Transport providers with full details of the closures so that they can plan accordingly.

Will works disrupt waste and recycling collections?

Somerset County Council will be contacting the Somerset Waste Partnership with full details of the works to ensure they can plan accordingly.

How will emergency vehicles get through the works?

 Somerset County Council will be contacting each of the emergency services with full details of the lane closures to ensure all parties are aware and can plan accordingly.

Why can’t the works be carried out at night?

The nature of the works is such that even if works are undertaken at night, the work areas could not be shut down to make them available for use by traffic during the daytime. Even if they could be shut down the time taken for the changing of traffic management and the subsequent opening up of the works is such that very little productive work would be achieved during a night time shift. This would in turn extend the possible disruption over a longer period of time.

There are also of course practical issues associated with night time working such as the availability and delivery of materials required for the works and health and safety issues associated with undertaking construction works under artificial lighting.

Undertaking the works at night could also result in undue noise impact that might affect any residential properties nearby.

 Why can’t the road be reopened when work finishes each day?

 The work involves open excavations in the carriageway. Due to the limited verge space the lane space is required for movement and storage of heavy plant and materials. It is impractical to demobilise the traffic management scheme at the start and end of every work shift. This would have a significant impact on the duration of the works and compromise the safety of the workers on site. The lane closure will be reopened as soon as practicably possible.

How are you informing the local and wider community?

Somerset County Council has been in contact with the businesses whose boundary we are working adjacent to. Advance notice signing of the closure will be set out prior to the lane closure coming into operation and we will also use social media and the media to provide updates.

Wales & West Utilities have sent out letters to all homes and businesses on Wylds Road, letting them know what to expect from the work. They will also be writing directly to anybody whose gas supply will be affected by this work to give them more information.

Can I claim compensation for disturbance caused by these works?

The footway/cycleway works are being carried out under powers granted to SCC for the maintenance and improvement of highway infrastructure. We seek to minimise the impact of any such works as far as reasonably practicable.

Wales & West Utilities work hard to keep disruption to a minimum however if local traders feel their business has been adversely affected by our work, they can apply for compensation under the Gas (Street Works) Compensation for Small Businesses Regulations 1996. Businesses have up to three months after work has finished to make a claim.

Claims will be assessed for any losses that can be shown to be as a result of Wales & West Utilities work. They will deal with each case individually, responding to traders directly. Business owners who feel they have been affected can discuss a potential claim with our Customer Service Team on 0800 912 2999 or by

Where do I go for more information?

If you have any questions related to the civil works on The Drove please call Somerset County Council on 0300 123 2224. When contacting us please mention ‘MN004174 Element 3 – Wylds Road/The Drove to A39 Bath Road cycle route improvement scheme’ to ensure your enquiry can be dealt with effectively.

Wales & West Utilities Customer Service Team is ready to take your call if you have any questions about their work. You can contact them on 0800 912 29 99 or by Or, you can contact them on Twitter @wwutilities or